Take advantage of federal and state tax benefits on your home, yacht and RV renewable energy projects, like adding solar or converting to an electric motor. Check with your accountant to learn more. It's a great time to pursue your energy autonomy!

Energy Production, Storage, Monitoring, Conservation

Whether your dream is to sail away on a yacht, visit remote areas in your RV or to simply have emergency back-up power in your home, we have innovative products and the expertise to help your dream become a reality.

BRJ Solutions LLC is the NW Distributor for Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries, Lithionics OPE-Li3 lithium batteries, Solbian flexible solar panels and Solara walkable solar panels. We also have the new Integrel generator replacement system, Electric Yachts propulsion systems and many more high-quality, innovative products.

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BRJ Solutions,LLC

Are you seeking energy independence? You’re in the right place. We work alongside our customers to design energy systems for marine, automotive, off-grid and emergency back-up power. Too often, people purchase great products without considering their system as a whole. We’ll help you put the pieces of production, storage, monitoring and conservation together, so that your system runs smoothly and all components work together.

At BRJ Solutions LLC, we offer full system reviews, new system design, recommendations for upgrades and project oversight. Though we do charge for design work and consultation, our first meeting is free and fees can be greatly discounted if you purchase products through us. Fees are waived for simple product selection and compatibility overview. We look forward to hearing from you.