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Featuring Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries and the Lithionics OPE-Li3 Lithium
Battery System

BRJ Solutions, LLC

Batteries are the foundation of your energy system. Choosing the right batteries and pairing them to the right charge sources can make the difference between a carefree adventure or a systems failure nightmare. BRJ Solutions LLC offers a variety of battery options from traditional AGM to different types of lithium systems to Firefly’s carbon foam battery technology. We can help you decide which batteries make the most sense considering you’re goals and your current set up. Below are two of our most innovative and popular battery systems.

Firefly Batteries

Firefly's Oasis AGM batteries use exciting new Microcell carbon foam technology that gives them qualities similar to a lithium battery. They have a longer life cycle than other lead acid batteries, plus fast recharge capability, a high charge acceptance rate, continuous power through the discharge process and full capacity recovery after discharge.

These Batteries Feature:

Unparalleled resistance to sulfation –sulfation is what usually kills AGM’s. The Oasis carbon foam AGM can operate or be stored at a partial state of charge for long periods of time without a loss in capacity.

Discharge Depths (DOD) to 70%-90% of rated capacity without any loss of performance

Superior Life Cycle - capable of 3X the number of deep discharge cycles than that of other lead acid batteries

Strong Performance in Extreme Cold and Heat- performance range is -20° C to 50° C

Fast Bulk Charging and topping off is seldom required

Greater Usable Capacity- replace your existing bank with a smaller Oasis bank due to its deep discharge capability

Ask about our Genasun Controllers that are custom programmed for Firefly batteries.

Firefly Batteries Currently Come In Two Sizes

Group 31(G31) 12V battery

L15+ 2V/4V battery

Which battery is best for you project? The answer might depend largely on the size of the space you have available. G31 batteries are our most popular, simply because their size makes them more versatile than the L15+, which must be installed in numbers divisible by 3. Each G31 has 116Ah and can be installed in any number that will fit your space. The G31 batteries will give you 3600 cycles at a depth of discharge (DOD) to 50% and 1000 cycles at a DOD of 80%.

The main benefit of the L15+ is in the number of cycles you’ll get. At a 50% DOD, the L15+ will give you 4900 cycles and at an 80% DOD, 1500 cycles. The L15+ is a two-cell battery. It can be configured as a 2V 900Ah pack if you put the two cells in parallel or as a 4V 450Ah pack if you leave the cells in series, which is how they come off the shelf. They can also be rack mounted on their sides, but remember that they must be installed in numbers divisible by 3. (This battery is alternately referred to as the 2V, 4V, L15, or L16 battery. These are all the same battery.)

Please note that although an E31 battery is listed on the Firefly website we do not expect to see it in production very soon if ever.

Purchase Options for Firefly Batteries

We sell Firefly batteries to retail customers through Fisheries Supply in Seattle. Click here to get to Fisheries website.

For wholesale customers, installers or high volume orders, please contact us at

We sell Genasun controllers pre-programmed for Firefly and Lithionics battery banks.

Have technical questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lithium Batteries

Lithionics OPE-Li3 Lithium Battery Systems

This OPE-Li3 is the safest, most reliable and easiest to install marine lithium battery system available. It was developed by Bruce Schwab (renowned solo ocean racer, lithium battery expert and America's first Vendee Globe finisher) together with US battery manufacturer, Lithionic battery.

What makes the OPE-Li3 marine lithium battery system the SAFEST?

The OPE-Li3 ND-DC BMS (Never-Die Dual-Channel Battery Management System): “Dual-Channel” means that the charge side of your system can be isolated from the load side of your system by the BMS. If there is a problem on either side, it will not interrupt the performance or damage equipment on the other side. System diagrams are available upon request.

ION-EXT: Ion-Extinguishing Technology is a Nano-ceramic polyamide separator coating within each cell that boosts charge and discharges rates, and forms a shut-down curtain in the event of cell failure (Including “Nail Penetration”) The Result: cells and batteries with a 100% safety record for 4 consecutive years.

Multi-level protection system. The BMS pack level computers are backed up by cell-level sensors, communicating via a rugged “cell loop” (vs. the fragile communication cables of other lithium systems). The result is continuous protection at both the cell and pack levels that is resistant to both water and physical damage.

What makes the OPE-Li3 marine lithium battery system the MOST RELIABLE?

The OPE-Li3 ND-DC BMS has intelligently programmed high and low voltage cutoff levels on BOTH the charge and load channels. In the case of a low voltage cutoff (LVC), this allows for the batteries to continue to charge while the loads have been cut off. Similarly, if there is a high voltage cutoff (HVC), then the charge bus will disconnect and the loads can continue running. Other lithium systems may shut off all your loads if there is an overcharge.

FEC (Field Effect Control) Alternator protection: All OPE-Li3 BMS units come with a simple alternator disconnect circuit. The BMS will automatically turn off the alternator before a high voltage cutoff, thus protecting your alternator(s) in an HVC situation.

The battery cases are watertight thus protecting the cell level circuitry. They have an IP rating of 64 meaning that they are totally protected against dust and are protected from water splashed from all directions.

The rugged and simple cell loop vs. a serial or CANbus fragile communication cables. This eliminates the possibility of a failure due to communication errors or RF interference and makes the system less sensitive to moisture.

What makes the OPE-Li3 marine lithium battery system the EASIEST TO INSTALL?

OPE-Li3 batteries are available in a large variety of sizes, capacities, and configurations which allows you to get the best arrangement for your system and compartment.

The Never-Die Dual-Channel BMS is integrated into one module that includes the relays and both charge & load terminals.. For installation, it is as simple as plugging in the BMS, the battery, and the alternator control, allowing full dual-channel protection yet without complicated wiring/networks or numerous peripheral devices.

OPE-Li3 batteries have passed the stringent UN DOT standards, allowing reduced packing/shipping costs. Additionally, due to their extremely high level of safety and stability, they have been cleared by the FAA to go by air transport up to 4000Wh per module.